What is the default login?

kindly what is the defualt login ??? non of the community answered that question

Run the Virtual machine, make sure you hold on to the shift key, then boot into Recovery mode, select Root – Drop to root shell prompt, Press Enter, then enter passwd, and create a root password, default user is librenms, change the password for librenms, passwd librenms, and create a password.

it’s so dumb, nothing on this so far, I am not sure how the Linux community even thinks, everyone should magically start doing these commands, it’s unbelievable, this is the reason the Linux community is microscopically small.

All the passwords for the VM you need are documented at the same place you download the VM. (the root user has no password, just use sudo)


If you are talking about the web page, there are no default credentials, you add them.
lnms user:add --role=admin someusername

"All the passwords for the VM " not true. There is no login and pasword to get into OS.
I have no words how stupid this is - no info at documentation. If you dont know what IP address your VM had assigned, you will not get there, and all of these instruction for web GUI/ ssh are just useless.

Worked on first try for me.
All the information was on the page murrant linked

Feel free to update them if they are too stupid!

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