What makes a valid sensor

I tried to use yaml discovery to add sensors but snmp extend doesn’t present everything with a clean index. I added a sensor php and everything is discovered and presents the proper states.

This lasts until some hours later when the sensors get deleted. If I manually run discovery.php again the sensors are added back.

What makes a sensor invalid if a new discovery adds them just fine.

I have the same problem with always the same sensor here. Sometimes disappears/deleted and then later it comes back again with the discovery process. I also have it as YAML detected. Will do some tests with php later .

Is there a way to validate a sensor? I don’t understand why the sensor is added when I perform manual discovery but deleted when the discovery is automated.

This problem still exists. I decided after updating to the latest nms version to see about adding some state sensors but the same thing still happens. I run discovery.php, the sensor is added and discovered, polls normally, and alerts normally.

When the dispatcher or discovery wrapper run the sensor is deleted with each round, then added back the next round. I have tried both the cron based discovery and the dispatcher.

The only information about it in the logs is the sensor is deleted. This appears to only happen when using the snmp extend function to add sensors. I have one OID that provides a 0 or 1 integer.