Wheather map plugin is not showing the links info

Hi, i have configured wheather map pluging, i used the map editor to create a simple two node map and a link, if i hover over the node i see a popup with the traffic graph but the link always show 0% in a gray array, no colors. i am using ubuntu 18.04. what can i check to be sure all is ok with my configuration?

Did you follow all the steps in here https://docs.librenms.org/Extensions/Weathermap/ ?

Perhaps provide some screenshots, of Link configuration in the weathermap plugin, and results with the popup graph.

I did install it followind the instruction from the link you posted, i used the map editor, this is the generated config file:

regular LINKs:

LINK 4-3

LINK 2-31
NODES 2 31

LINK node06708-node06775
NODES node06708 node06775

LINK node06854-30
NODES node06854 30

LINK 5-10
NODES 5 10

LINK 6-9

LINK node07223-11
NODES node07223 11

LINK 8-32
NODES 8 32

That’s All Folks!

Reviewing the file, there is no target in the links confguration, the editor does not created them, may be that is problem?

Doesn’t look like you’ve selected the data source on the link properties?


I wanted to check but the editor is not working anymore, i see several post about it, i will try to add them manually.