Where to get support for development questions?

Hi there,

I’m trying to add a “plugin” (or whatever it is called in this scope) to the “Apps” check to monitor some application that is not (yet) supported by the official LibreNMS.

I managed to create a SNMP-Extend script that delivers the needed data, for the “*.inc.php”-script I just cloned and modified a already present script there.

All seems to work, but there are simply no graphs shown and obviously no error is displayed. I can’t find any location where any error-logging from the engine is put to. So it is very hard to find the cause of my problems.

Is there any devs-community where I can try to get help? Or is this forum the right place to ask?


People will eventually answer here, but for development stuff the #devel channel in Discord is probably the best place.

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Hi @slashdoom,

thanks for your reply. I’ll try my luck there. :slight_smile:

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