Wildcard for Alerts?


I try to rebuild some alterts from an other monitoring system I’m in the process of decommisioning.
The other system has a different data structure and some allerts use all events but filter by severity.
So I guess I have to start with alterting on all events and remove useless ones with time.

Is there a possibilty to send all events on a devicegroup to a transportgroup?

From the documentation it looks like every event ist explicitly filtered to generate an alarm or am I wrong?

Yes, you could send an alert for every evenrlog. I highly suggest against that.

Decide what things you need alerts for them work on creating alerts for them.

The problem is that I can’t know the relevant events in advance and if I miss one then it would be bad if no message would reach the 24/7 support.

Here an example excerpt from the old system:

		Schedule: start Mo. - Fr. 6:55 AM
		Name: Appl X
			Notification Data: [email protected]
			Severity: Critical
			Collection: _svc Appl. X
			Alarm Type: all 24'000 minus 38 new Alarms
		Name: Appl. Y
			Notification Data: [email protected]
			Severity: Critical
			Collections: _svc Appl. Y

As you can see Appl. X matches nearly all Alarm Types while Appl. Y matches all ~24’000 but both only care for critical severity.

I think it’s out of the question, that I rebuild ~24’000 events (at least I think Alarm Type corresponds to events). In the EventLog I see blue and orange/yellow events - is this the severity and can I filter on that? If yes, I guess worst severity + everything send as Trap will work for me.

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