Windows DHCP Pool Monitoring

I am trying to monitor windows server DHCP pools using the inbuilt “DHCP stats” but it doesn’t provide any data, presumably because we have multiple pools and Libre doesn’t know what to monitor.

How would I go about monitoring each of these pools?

I know with MIBs you can use OIDs to define pools and other parameters but unsure whether Libre would support this

Dose windows provide this through SNMP?

Yes, I have seen this achieved with other snmp monitoring tools using the OID objects. Also these parameters appear via an snmp walk

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adding that would be nice check out


  1. Install the snmp service in your DHCP server if not installed, using add/remove windows components. Then go to Network and management tools and install the service.

  2. Once the snmp service is installed, click on it, then click on the security tab. Specify the community name and hosts allowed to get snmp info.

  3. Check the available OID’s in the DHCP-MIB You will find all the relevant MIB values related to the DHCP scope statistics:

noAddInUse (Used IPs)
noAddFree ((Available IPs))
  1. Add a Custom OID Sensor with the MIB value required. Example, if your scope is and you want to know the number of used IP’s, the complete OID will look like this:

  1. Then You can add notifications and thresholds per sensor. Ex.: Set a notification to send an email if the number of available IPs are below 10.

Or even better, develop a proper support for DHCP-MIB in LibreNMS which would work for all devices supporting it, and provide a nicer presentation than CustomOID (which is only meant for tests basically)


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