Windows Drive D is not showing up. All others do. It is a Data Drive and is very important

The D: drive is not an optical drive. It is a hard drive on the Windows server. How do I change it to a Fixed Disk?
Note: it would not work to change the drive letter of the drive. Too many things point to it. All the servers there have a D drive and they are labeled as DATA.
Here is the output
hrStorageIndex.1 = 1
hrStorageIndex.2 = 2
hrStorageIndex.3 = 3
hrStorageIndex.4 = 4
hrStorageIndex.5 = 5
hrStorageType.1 = hrStorageRemovableDisk
hrStorageType.2 = hrStorageFixedDisk
hrStorageType.3 = hrStorageCompactDisc
hrStorageType.4 = hrStorageVirtualMemory
hrStorageType.5 = hrStorageRam
hrStorageDescr.1 = A:\
hrStorageDescr.2 = C:\ Label: Serial Number a6ad296
hrStorageDescr.3 = D:\
hrStorageDescr.4 = Virtual Memory
hrStorageDescr.5 = Physical Memory

hrDeviceDescr.26 = A:\
hrDeviceDescr.27 = D:\
hrDeviceDescr.28 = Fixed Disk
hrDeviceDescr.29 = Fixed Disk

As long as Windows presents it as a CompactDisc drive, I would say “fix windows” :slight_smile:

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I am not sure why Windows is presenting it as an optical drive. The D: drives that are optical show up since I change it to show optical drives. But the D: drives that are hard drives still don’t show up. This is the same for OSs 2012, 2012 r2, 2016, and 2019 Windows servers. Is it possible that the code calls D drives in windows optical? I don’t see any E: drives that are optical showing as optical. They just don’t show up either now that I am allowing optical drives.

Librenms is just returning what snmp supplies.

What file does the reading of the SNMP? We have another monitoring system that sees it as a hard drive. But the system doesn’t report bandwidth or IO operations.
I would love for our team to give something back to a wonderful system. Any pointers in the right direction so we can see why it is claiming the D: drive in windows as an optical would be appreciated.

The storage team and application teams have changed the drive to E and it is now reporting as expected. But this took many hours of work on their part to make that happen.

One last thing. I can not find all the examples for the config file. I know it was removed and is now history, but there are a lot of configs that I could use that were in there.

run ./poller.php -h HOSTNAME -d