Windows SNMP removed

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With SNMP being removed in Windows 10 1809 and Server 2019 what will LibreNMS move to?
There are lots of windows servers out there. Does anyone know what windows replaced SNMP with?
You can still install SNMP with PowerShell for now.


Apparently the menu has been moved, and the SNMP functionality is still there, can you confirm?

Settings APP -> Apps & Features -> Manage Optional Features -> Add a feature -> SNMP.


Server 2019 and last version windows 10 no longer show that feature. You can still install using Power-Shell.
Windows 10 Pro x64 Ver: 10.0.17763


There is a feature request for WMI support but so far nobody has steped in to code that.


I was unable to find it there but found it where @Chas said like a week ago or so.


After a quick search, looks like you can install the net-snmp agent for windows and possible get the same functionality. Again, I have not tried this as of yet.