"Wireless Sensor over limit - Client" is wrong

I get alerts that there are too many clients for the AP’s. Most APs with the error report 60-80 clients. The one in the screenshot reports around 1650 clients. For this client reports Unifi 12 clients.

Even last week there were 1650 clients connected to the AP when there was the end of a 2-week vacation. We’re a school with that many students and each student have his/her own iPad. They take their device to home each evening, weekend and vacation.

Therefore, I think this alert at LibreNMS is wrong. How can I fix this?

Is there any information you need to know to help me solve this problem?

Many thanks

P.S.: The “validate config” checks al green. A second screenshot is not allowed as a new user. :wink:


I don’t use LibreNMS with wireless APs so I can’t help much but first I would check the query in the Alert Rule SELECT * FROM devices,wireless_sensors WHERE (devices.device_id = ? AND devices.device_id = wireless_sensors.device_id) AND wireless_sensors.sensor_current >= wireless_sensors.sensor_limit AND wireless_sensors.sensor_alert = 1 AND (devices.status = 1 && (devices.disabled = 0 && devices.ignore = 0)) = 1 so I guess wireless_sensors.sensor_limit isn’t correctly set. Try to find the setting for this on the AP’s page in LibreNMS unter Edit on the right upper region - it looks like this:


The alert rule uses the sql query like the one you posted.

For the AP clients-sensor is the “high” and “high warn” correct. The “current” isn’t correct.

As current isn’t a editable field, I would open a issue about this one.

Sorry for the late answer. The field “current” shouldn’t be editable, it must contain the correct and especially recent value.

Yes it was my reasoning as it isn’t editable and not correct, it could be a bug and opening a issure could be in order.

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