WMI Support Request


Really appreciate the efforts everyone is putting up here for this awesome tool :slight_smile:

I would like to request a WMI support for our windows environment. We don’t want to go with SNMPv2 in our environment for security reasons. Also, our environment is Windows based which doesn’t support SNMPv3 :frowning: So we are kind of left with WMI.

Thanks. Keep up the good work.


There was previous talk about this as well - https://github.com/librenms/librenms/issues/1035 - I’m also interested in getting WMI working. Since my linux boxes are already bound to the domain this may be easier for me than most. If i get something working I’ll add instructions for others.

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I would also be interested in seeing this support. One of the things I saw in the ‘other’ product was the ability to graph out MS Exchange and MS SQL server and this was really great information to pull up at a quick glance when troubleshooting issues.

Thanks much!

I would love to see this feature. I have about a dozen+ Windows servers that I monitor via SNMP, but that only gets you so far. You can’t monitor services, etc.

A quick search shows that you can easily do this in PHP with an extension - if you are running the PHP script on a Windows machine. Most likely LibreNMS is not running in that environment, so there needs to be another way. This might require an additional tool, wmic, to query the WMI objects for a given windows device. You can see a related thread here https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=355436 regarding how to obtain WMI information on a non-Windows machine.

Hopefully that helps.

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Has there been any progress on this? WMI is a feature that would really help secure up our windows monitoring.

Nope. Unfortunately, nobody has submitted code for WMI support.

Would it make more sense to use WinRM which I believe is the recommended way now and utilize an existing gpl project as the base for code such as https://github.com/zenoss/ZenPacks.zenoss.Microsoft.Windows

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Since we are a Windows shop, having the ability to use WMI would make this more useful and secure by needing to enable SNMP on the servers or desktops. Thank you.

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2 years and still nothing added for WMI or windows service management.

Yes - Nobody has a volunteer code for this. LibreNMS is a community project it depends on people volunteering time and code to make it happen.

I don’t even know where to begin.

I would imagine you need a discovery module, poller module, and then the blades to display stuff. I don’t have much PHP or laravel experience, just what I can get from google and doing greps and finds to look for certain things I want to modify in the stuff that already exists.

Other than that I really only use ansible and python for network automation.

Would like to see this supported but don’t have the knowledge to input to create this.
Interestingly the forked project has already embedded this using WMIC - is there an opportunity to learn from this and implement a ‘similar’ function?

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which forked project?

He referenced a product that is paid for and cannot copy any info from that said product. Also, that was implemented after librenms forked. So CANNOT look at that or copy anything legally


I wasn’t suggesting any illegal.
I’m less interesting the competitor mindset, my focus is on making constructive suggestions and feedback to help the community and userbase.

The monitoring suggestion is that this can be achieved using MS solutions via WMIC and there would be a direct development route to bring a huge amount of MS data to the monitoring solution that is currently dependent on work arounds.

@nms I can’t mention the project, as the my previous post was edited by admin to remove the name.

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Works fine in nagios/icinga environments. requires wmic and perl

Can we please get WMI support natively in libreNMS? This really would be a great way to interface with Windowsy things while minimising impact on said endpoints.

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