"World Map" doesn't use DNS LOC record

A potential migratee from Observium here - and the one thing missing to make the jump with both feet appears to be the map of devices…

The World Map appears to use the SNMP location to locate the devices on the map (and thanks to the locations here and previous world history - lots of “my” locations are spread across North America, Africa, Australia, New Zealand,… ) - even though every device has an DNS LOC record.

You can override the location in settings of the of the device.

Can I do that globally - or is this touching every device manually?

OK - so it seems I can’t do this other than by individually touching either each device (tedious) or the config of each device (tedious) - doubly annoying when there is a perfectly good data source available (DNS LOC record)

I had do the same with all my device locations. :frowning:

I’ve opened a feature request. If I get the chance to learn enough PHP in between the day job, it’s on my to do list (unless someone else has the wherewithal to do it in the interim)

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I was thinking maybe would be nice if the API could change the device override location. But I hear Man I’m in the same boat with a day job and trying to learn PHP. heh. :slight_smile: