World Map links

Hello, it is possible to create links at the different points of the equipment shown in World Map.

Thank you

No you cant manually draw them in.

First, thanks Kevin for answering, sorry for the additional question, I can do this through the code line as I understand it.

My question regarding this indicated in update 1.62

“There was a nice feature added to show links on the geographical map …”

Thank you.

That requires LibreNMS to be able to collect information about links from the device (usually by LLDP or similar). If your devices do not supply that info, LibreNMS cannot do it for you.

However, there is an WeatherMap plugin if you want to just draw devices and links on a map.

Thanks Murrant, if I have LLDP on the routers, I will check this part. About WeatherMap is great, for now I have already done some tests and it is perfect.

Once again, thanks for your time.