Would anyone care to share their LibreNMS alerts & templates? Here are 24 of mine

LibreNMS is not very plentiful with their example alerts. It took me a significant amount of time to come up with the following rules so I thought I would create a repository to retain them in the event that I need to rebuild my LibreNMS server in the future.

I’m looking forward to seeing what rules the rest of the community has designed. :slight_smile: Here are some other things I would be interested in monitoring:

  1. Disk IOPS
  2. CPU Contention
  3. Disk Read/Write Latency
  4. Memory Contention
  5. HTTPS Endpoint Availability
  6. ICMP response time
  7. Successful/Failed SSH/RDP connection initiation

PS: If you have any feedback for the Alert-related issues described in the TODO section of the GitHub README I would love some insight.


Very Nice thank you for sharing. When I get a second I will post up some of mine.

Also, LibreNMS has Alert Collection https://github.com/librenms/librenms/blob/master/misc/alert_rules.json

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Here is the one I use for login failures.
%syslog.timestamp > = %macros.past_5m && %syslog.msg ~ “@authentication [email protected]

All of my Alert Rules: kkrumm NMS Alert Rules - Pastebin.com


The last 3 of your list can be easily checked using LibreNMS’ “Services”.

An alert rule to get notifications for service warnings would be

%services.service_status = "1"


%services.service_status = "2"

for status critical.

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Excellent, thanks for sharing. :+1:t2:

Most important ones for me are the Disk Space checks.
So for Critical alerts:

%storage.storage_perc >= "95" && %devices.type = "Server"

and for warnings:

%storage.storage_perc >= "85" && %storage.storage_perc < "95" && %devices.type = "Server"

However, to fine tune this, for the servers with huge disks percetages should be higher. In nagios I would create different host groups for these kinds of servers, but nevermind we’ll get there in good time.

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@aldemir_a Use the device groups and bind each rule to that group

@zimmertr It would be great if you could contribute those rules to the collections we have that @Kevin_Krumm linked to.


About this, it will be better to list the rules without searching because sometimes you don’t know what you want to search.

You can use

%storage.storage_perc >= %storage_perc_warn && %devices.type = "server" 

and then adjust the storage warning levels in the device settings individually.
That’s exactly what they are there for IMHO.

Thanks for the good tip, however I wouldn’t set things per device as much as I can. Might create headaches eventually.

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Just wanted to say that we added more alert rules to the collection. 84 in total and still growing. :slight_smile:


These are awesome. Is there a way to import alert rules from file or copy-paste?

Allot these were added in the alerts collection. Take a gander.