Write directly to syslog-ng with LibreNMS as destination

Hey all. This may be a bit of a strange request, but here goes…

I’m looking for a way to write directly to the syslog and have it appear in the LibreNMS syslog widget. The goal is to be able to add notes, such as “activated port such and such”, “changed port # to vlan ## untagged”, etc and write them into the syslog. Ultimately, I want to create a little web form to gather the information and write it into the syslog, but for now I’d be satisfied if I could get it working from the command line. I know that there is the “logger” command, but that doesn’t appear to work with syslog-ng, which is the syslog program I’m using with LibreNMS. The syslogs from my network gear are being collected and sent to LibreNMS correctly.

Thanks for any thoughts and assistance!

Have you looked into GrayLog?

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We use Graylog as one place to collect syslogs from various servers/devices. However, I’m looking for a way to add a manual syslog entry into the LibreNMS syslog, which I don’t believe Graylog can do. Thanks for the reply though.

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Hey there - looks like what we’re going to do is direct syslog-ng to send to Graylog as well as LibreNMS and then create a web form that will send udp syslog messages to the same Graylog input that we’re sending the syslog data that goes to LibreNMS. Thanks again for the suggestion.