Wrong data for a Dialer interface on certain Cisco routers


I currently have many Cisco routers properly monitored with LibreNMS, including C881-K9 and C888-K9 models using a Dialer interface.
However, for two of them (one C881-K9 and one C888-K9), wrong data are collected for the Dialer interface traffic.
For both cases, I have the Dialer interface using a sub-interface (e.g. Dialer0 using Fa4.1) and the graphs related to the interface traffic are totaly different between the dialer interface and the sub-interface (or even the physical interface) it’s using: I get a throughput of several Gbps on the Dialer interface while it’s only several Mbps on the sub-interface (or the physical one). In advance, no it’s not just a unit problem: The values without unit do not match.

Please find below a comparison of the traffic seen on a Dialer interface, the sub-interface it’s using and the physical interface used for the previous sub-interface:

  • Dialer interface:

  • Sub-interface

  • Physical interface

Thank you in advance for your help.



Anyone? :pleading_face: