Zimbra app

Hi guys…I hope they are well.
Is there a way to add a new application to test the ZIMBRA mail server?
Searching the web, I found 2 files. One of them is from https://www.jorgedelacruz.es/2017/08/14/zimbra-monitorizando-una-infraestructura-de-zimbra-collaboration-con-prtg, use SNMP EXTEND, but it works with PRTG, script file (https://github.com/jorgedlcruz/zimbra-prtg/raw/master/zimbra_pflogsumm-prtg.pl)
and the other , is from OBSERVIUM: https://github.com/pgmillon/observium/blob/master/includes/polling/applications/zimbra.inc.php.

thanks in advance.