Zte c300 gpon - oid vendor optical modules

Good afternoon everyone, I hope you are well, I am new here, to consult the following:

Someone knows which is the OID to know the (SN, VENDOR, PN) of the optics of each PON.

In the OLT by command line for example I get the data like this:

HOSTNAME (config-gpon) #show interface optical-module-info gpon-olt_1 / 13 / x
Optical module information: gpon-olt_1 / 13 / x
Vendor-Name: VendorName-xxx Vendor-Pn: Pn-xxx
Vendor-Sn: Sn-Vendor-xxx Version-Lev: 1.0

But I need to know with which OID I can monitor this information.

Thank you all in advance.

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