1 minute polling

I got around ~300 network switches in my LibreNMS and total poll time tooks ~212 Seconds.
So, this mean that I can`t user 1 minute polling?

1 min pulling = 60 seconds meaning all your devices have to be pulled in 60 seconds. It will work but you are gonna get lots of warnings.

So, how can I deal with it?
Increase poller threads?

Theres no real way that would work, you could turn off / optimise your polling modules so the devices can return data within 60s.

It’s likely 1 minute polling will affect the CPU on your equipment you are monitoring aswell.

In my setup having two different polling intervals for different equipment would be good to get better granularity on traffic graphs, see here for discussion (1 minute and 5 minute polling on the same server)

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