21.1.0 Release

You may have noticed LibreNMS skipped 20 versions straight to 21.1.0! Let’s explain. LibreNMS is a mature project many depend on to monitor their networks and servers. LibreNMS has a large commitment not to break things for users, especially polling. LibreNMS is also a community project, all changes are developed in the open and will not be held back for a “BIG” release. Monthly releases have worked well, so we will fully embrace monthly releases and change to a calendar versioning scheme. This release is 21 (year) 1 (month) 0 (patch level), you can expect releases to follow this scheme in the future. One change regarding release timing is releases will target the middle of the month instead of the end, making sure the release matches the month.

So, what happened to the December release? To be able to continue to release on a regular schedule, LibreNMS depends on code tests. These make sure things we know are working stay working. We have used Travis CI for a long time, and it stopped working mid November. We made many attempts to get them to work, even trying to pay, but there were no options. Our Docker maintainer @CrazyMax stepped up and implemented GitHub Actions to get us back up and going. These tests are critical for how we maintain LibreNMS, that is why when you send a pull request, including test data is required.

LibreNMS is a community project, everyone who works on it is a volunteer. This is why LibreNMS does not have a roadmap. You can move LibreNMS forward :slight_smile: No matter if it is as little as a documentation typo fix or as big as new OS support, these contributions are greatly appreciated.

What’s in 21.1.0? 37 contributors helped make this release happen, thanks to each and every one of them.

  • 2 security fixes. Thanks to those who reported them.
  • Increased dashboard row limit!
  • Many other nice WebUI improvements
  • A lot of bug fixes
  • LibreNMS is PHP 8.0 ready, but unfortunately an upstream package is blocking PHP 8 support
  • 25 devices with new or updated detection

See the 21.1.0 changelog for more details.

As always, happy monitoring.

Some stats from our main GitHub repo: