Add Fiberstore Switch S5800-48T4S

I found some MIBs for the S5800 switch but they display practically no information from the device. FS support claims that the MIBs that are in the librenms are old and cause problems.

How do they compare to what i posted here? - Add 'FS Campus Switch PoE (S5810-48TS-P)'

An updated MIB itself doesn’t cause LibreNMS to detect things it doesn’t detect now. Specific OIDs in the MIB are referenced from either YAML or PHP discovery code.

I can take a look if you can give me SNMP access (for a few hours) or if you could create an snmpwalk and send it as an snmpsim file in this post.

Hey Tozz

I can get one of these switches accessible to you for SNMP if you like? I’ll take one home and setup the port forward. Let me know if you’re happy to proceed

I use these at all our sites so very keen to get it working to LibreNMS

Yes, that would be great. If you want to firewall/restrict it to a single IP, my address would be

Thanks Tozz I’ll sort something out today for you. Can i DM you when its ready and my IP ect? (Discord or something similar even?)

This already fixes a lot of discovery issues. I’m working with Speechy on getting some additional details

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Hi, sorry for the delay in the topic.
I can share logging on librenms, where I have a S5800 48T4S switch added.
It still ( despite the update ) does not show any sensors, ram used and the like.

I too have a S5850 24S2Q not showing any information. Annoyingly i can’t find any MIB files for this model on their documents page.

hlewandowski the update hasn’t come out for this change yet. Did you modify the .yaml file with the object ID of your S5800 ?

Yes, the yaml file was modified by me.
I talked to FS support and they said that the problem is not on their side, but on librenms side.
Their support is terrible