Add support for Zyxel XS1930-12HP and XGS1930-28HP switches please

Please provide ALL info asked for here.

Hi, This is my first post so please forgive me if I’ve missed anything.

Please add additional support for Zyxel switches XS1930-12HP and XGS1930-28HP. These are detected by Librenms but only show traffic, CPU and memory information. The OS detected is ‘ZyXEL Ethernet Switch’.

I would like to see additional data for the following;

  • System temperature (Board, MAC, PHY)
  • Fan speeds
  • PoE Power Budget (consumption, limit, remaining)
  • SFP data (temperature, TX/RX power, voltage, current)
  • Any other data you think may be useful for these switches?

As I’m a new user and can only post 3 links at a time, here are the paste links for the first switch.
I’ll add the remaining links to later posts.

XS1930-12HP details

Thank you for looking into this request.

XGS1930-28HP details

MIB Files, latest from Zyxel support site



Many thanks

Can you give me SNMP access to this device? I’m getting a shitton of errors from your snmpwalk file.

Hi @Tozz ,

Thanks for your reply. Please private message me your external IP address and I’ll try and setup a port forward rule to one of the switches.
Do you have a preference on which switch you’d like to look at first?

Hi @Tozz

I’ve setup port forward and NAT rules on my firewall and tested successfully from outside my network.
Please private message me your external IP so I can modify the rules to give you access.

@tozz thanks for the PM.
Firewall rules updated to give you access, hope they work ok.

Many thanks

Thanks. SNMP is working.

I got PoE budget implemented, but there’s nothing regarding fans/PSUs/voltages.
There is a MIB for stuff like fans, temperatures, etc… But this device doesn’t return anything on those OIDs

Also not getting anything from the ZYXEL-TRANSCEIVER-MIB

I can create a pull request for the PoE Budget, but that’s about it I’m afraid.

I also came across this post on the Zyxel forum:

XGS1210 desktop switches are intended for Home/SOHO users with just a few other networking devices in their network.

A simple management tool such as web GUI is sufficient to setup such network easily for most cases.

As external monitoring tools are mostly used for small-medium networks, SNMP feature is supported by more advanced Smart Managed Switches such as the GS1900 series.

I’m guessing this is correct for the entire XS-model line.

Looking at the datasheet the list of supported MIBs is also not that big. Just a new generic MIBs and ‘Zyxel private common MIB’, which doesn’t have much to go with either.

Hi @Tozz

They’re not marketing that device for Home/SOHO on their website going by their Cloud Management scenario.
XS1930 Series - 10/12-port 10G Multi-Gigabit Lite-L3 Smart Managed Switch | Zyxel Networks

Did you get anything from the ZYXEL-HW-MONITOR-MIB file?
Make you wonder why they supply 113 MIB files for this device if they can’t be utilised.

Yeah my guess is that it’s a general Zyxel MIB ZIP file that contains MIBs for all their devices.

There’s nothing in ZYXEL-HW-MONITOR-MIB either.

In that file we have zyxelHwMonitor which is a suboid of esMgmt from ZYXEL-ES-SMI:
Querying esMgmt we get a few things like serial number, software version, etc.

But quering zyxelHwMonitor results with an ‘No Such Object’.

Ok, would you like to have a look at the other switch - XGS1930-28HP?
There are only two MIB files supplied for that model from the support page (see links above).
It has the same object OID as the other switch so I expect the work you’ve done will probably cover this model but you never know.
It has similar features (system temps, fans, PoE, SFP+).

Let me know and I’ll change my firewall rule so you can look at the second switch.

The XGS2210 fully supports what you need.
The XGS1930 series don’t. It is regardless of Librenms.

Ok, would you like to have a look at the other switch - XGS1930-28HP?

Sure, if you can just change your firewall rule so it’s forwarded to the other switch then I’ll take a look

But @kkohegyi is indicating that the X(G)S1930 series simply don’t offer much information on SNMP.

@kkohegyi I’m jealous!
And yet all models list the same MIBs on their datasheets.

@Tozz I can’t change the rule at the moment but will do later.

That’s not uncommon. Manufacturers usually have a standard set of MIBs for multiple product lines, but not everything (sometimes nothing) of any MIB will be implemented in all of their product lines.

Especially cheaper gear, which I feel Zyxel is, will generally have limited SNMP support as smaller organisations or SOHO users are unlikely to use it.

The MIBs lists do differ on some of their datasheets for other models e.g. GS1900 so they’re not simply copy/pasting a generic list.

So why would they name a feature that isn’t supported?
Is this something I should raise with Zyxel support?

@Tozz you’re polling the other switch now.

Yes, thanks! Did some checks, but this switch is giving out the same amount of information as the XS switch.

ZYXEL-ES-COMMON::sysProductModel.0 = STRING: XGS1930-28HP
zyxelHwMonitorFanRpmTable: Unknown Object Identifier (Sub-id not found: (top) -> zyxelHwMonitorFanRpmTable)
zyxelHwMonitorStatus: Unknown Object Identifier (Sub-id not found: (top) -> zyxelHwMonitorStatus)
zyxelHwMonitorTemperatureTable: Unknown Object Identifier (Sub-id not found: (top) -> zyxelHwMonitorTemperatureTable)

I’m afraid we have everything this switch has to offer in terms of SNMP output.

Hi @Tozz

Thanks for trying and confirming that at least the PoE Budget can be added.
If you can create a pull request that would be great.

I will get in touch with Zyxel support and ask why all the MIBs they supply and list on the datasheets produce no data. If they respond with anything positive I’ll report back.

Many thanks for your help and time on this.

The PoE budget is already accepted into LibreNMS: