Adding a custom MIBs to my Huawei device

Hello, I have a bunch of NDA Mibs for my Huawei device router(OLT) , which contains for example an optical signal metrics , learned mac device on each ONU port and etc .
1 . How and which files i need to modify to add support(mainly graphs for signal strength and similar ) ?
2. Do you have a similar docs for developers or can suggest a simplest example of how to add device with MIBs ?


Component Version
LibreNMS d30e5660f942154bd72c1b3f6ff3846d3c1b7137
DB Schema 199
PHP 7.0.18-0ubuntu0.16.04.1
MySQL 10.0.29-MariaDB-0ubuntu0.16.04.1
RRDTool 1.5.5


See here >
It needs to be added programmatically. If it’s specific to the OS then it can be added to the OS definition.

Sorry for my unclear definition.
It is not a new OS , it is not a new device , it is just an Huawei router ( OLT ) ,where i want to add a new metrics(signal and etc) to system.
I will programme it .I need Just say which files i need to programme and modify( add new metrics and they my new NDA mibs )
and you submit changes to github with a pull request -
libre NMS doesn’t do mib based polling - it has to be programed into the OS definitions.

Ok some additional questions:
1.Is it this Sensors provide a graphs like this ?
2.In my case for ONT info packets in/out stats , i need a first do ifindex ,then parse which begins with “GPON 0/” and then add to there the ONT’S ID , is system possible to do this with yaml conf files ?

Can you provide more information (I.e specifics) on what it is you want adding.

There no specific in this counters. There is some non-standart way to achieve it a signal strength for ONT(CPE) , first i nee d to find an ifindex which relevant to gpon board then fetch ont ID and service port number to get at signal , bps per service and etc.

Hi, I am very interested in being able to monitor a Huawei OLT, did you manage to create the graphics in LibreNMS?

@Gaudy the docs for adding new devices cover adding sensors to existing ones too.

@naimson I can help with this, can you send me a MIBs for Huawei OLT ? Which hardware do you have ?

@jozefrebjak Can you please suggest which files need updated ?
I also want to add Juniper counter too.

@Gaudy Huawei OLT is already supported as I did the support for them. #9023

I did not added TX/RX for PON/ONTs at purpose. Think about an OLT with thousands of registered ONTs. With at least 2 (3 if you use 3rd window for CATV) signals for each ONT.

What do you want to monitor in your Huawei OLT?

You did an amazing job with adding CPU and temperature senosors, But I know that all of that sensors are done with numeric OID, now we have an opportunity to use text OIDs from MIB. OLT has really a lot of sensors and etc. And for me will be really fantastic to have monitored users ONTs, their dBm and their status for example. I thought about OLT with thousands of registered ONTs and why not, for now I have 1010 sensors in my install of all devices, when some ISP provider is using GPON technology without a campus switches or with small number of them than will be not a problem to poll 1000 sensors of the ONTs and many more with good server. Otherwise I believe that some companies with campus switches are not using GPON technology in their local network.

And also we need to look at MDU Huawei unit. For example we have ma5620 and there is not very well support.

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I’m almost sure he doesnt have the MIB files. I dont know why but Huawei is very restrictive with theirs OLT MIBs files.

If you send me a walk for 5620, I can give it all the support I can. If you want ONT TX/RX optical info I can try to do some support, but Huawei SNMP is really poor implemented and asking for all that info could kill your controller. Be warned about that.

I can tell you he has a MIBs because he send me them and I did walk with them and they are good one. We can migrate some php script to yaml I believe. I will to do some pull request and you can join when I will have some time during or after Christmas. I need to find which MIBs we need, because there is really a lot of them and I will upload them via pull request to LibreNMS OK ?

The mibs are there -

And also please tell me how to add multi stage ( so first need to fetch snmp interfaces with names, then parse it , and we need only “GPON” containts and there add ont as new ports ) snmp devices on librenms source codes ?

Please don’t post the whole mib that doesn’t help anyone.

@naimson There are a work in progress. Check #9594

How i can help to this work ?

Unless you know how to add support to device, you cant :wink:

Whats your OLT model? Its actually detected as Huawei SmartAX?