Alert when LibreNMS validate.php fails

As per : Alert when validate(.php) fails? Unsure how

The original thread, and the continued need I have, is I want libreNMS to Alert me (in my case E-Mail, but whatever) whenever the vaildate.php fails for whatever reason.

Now, I don’t know if validate.php runs regularly without a human (I forget this moment if that is already at-play). However when I went to run it today (as a human) it reported was last run a bunch of days ago, and to run it.

I really REALLY need to be Alerted when validate.php fails for whatever reason. But I can’t find anything online on this topic (apart from my above linked thread) and the “last_polled” aspect is definitely not what I’m asking for here.

I checked, and do not see any Alert Templates for this. So I think this may be a “new” thing.

Anyways, how can I achieve this? And if this is not yet possible, can we please have libreNMS improved to have this capability? This really would help maintain a healthy libreNMS ecosystem by a lot.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I think the best option would be to make sure the return code of validate.php is consistent and add a cron job that will notify you when there is a non-zero return code.

validate.php is never run automatically for a reason.

If you want to add alerts for specific validation checks that LibreNMS can do, check the validation code for SQL.

I really would want libreNMS itself to alert me (with the alert ecosystem it uses) if validate.php fails (and in-turn I guess a way to schedule that for whatever period I/others prefer). A cron job to run validate.php sounds reasonable on the surface to me, but I really don’t want to duplicate my alerting and split where/how things are alerted. As in, I also see value in “seeing” this Alert in the libreNMS dashboard (assuming libreNMS itself hasn’t experienced catastrophic failure, heh).