Alert when validate(.php) fails? Unsure how

I’m on the latest version (daily) as of today, Nov 27 2023.

The librenms service on the single node I have running locked up and didn’t restart itself (no output to logs that I could tell). And as such, I was not collecting any data via SNMP/otherwise for a bunch of hours.

The problem here isn’t that it didn’t restart itself (yeah that’s annoying, would be nice if it didn’t do that). The problem is I was not alerted (E-Mail) for the sudden not-polling.

When it was in this bad state I went to do validate.php and validate via webGUI. Both showed the same no polling errors. So I restarted librenms the service, bob’s your uncle, started getting alerts again and data points.

Surely there’s a way I can have LibreNMS E-Mail me if validate fails? How do I do that? This isn’t the first time (no pattern) I’ll have validate problems, so I really need to be alerted when validate (for any reason) is unhappy.

Were alerts not functioning as well? If they were running ok then you could do an alert that checks for last_polled is more than 15 minutes ago or something?

Well the systems didn’t actually get marked as “down” in the webGUI when it was in the “bad state”. I would go to graphs and see the gaps, just data gone. But maybe somehow pings were still working? HMMM I think that might be why I wasn’t alerted.

I’ll see about that last_polled option, thx!

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