Allow DNS LOC record as source for location

The title says it all. I’d like to allow the use of DNS LOC records as locators.

Why? I’m unlucky enough to be looking after a set of devices where the names are coincident with many settlements around the world - LibreNMS isn’t entirely consistent with which (incorrect) location it picks - so I have 3 devices in a rack all with the same SNMP location string. Somehow those have ended up with 2 devices in Australia, 1 in Canada. (I’m in neither).


This definitely would be nice…
Currently playing with both observium and librenms
observium has this feature but i really like librenms

Same here - I’m favouring LibreNMS though - if it would allow DNS LOC it means that I can separate the switches out slightly (say putting 10-20m/30-60ft between their DNS LOC location) so that they appear in the same place at the macro view but when zoomed in appropriately then they separate out to be individually clickable…

An update - and further plea to implement DNS LOC…

I went through all of my devices and attempted to add the [Lat,Long] to the location - it brought two issues:

  1. SNMP location strings too long (impossible to have a sensible location and the lat/long info)
  2. SNMP location strings rejecting such special characters as “[” or “,”

Net result is that around 8% of my current installed estate appears in stupid (>2000km from reality) locations. If DNS LOC was available - then that number would be 0%

+1 setting sysLocation and network automation across vendors is quite a head ache… DNS to the rescue.

Anyone else been wanting this??

I do like the separation using the snmp location field but with added dns Loc it would be ideal!