Asynchronous interface bandwidth monitoring?


there is an asynchronous (DSL) link of which I’d like to monitor the bandwidth through the switch port it is connecting to.

I adjusted the interface speed of that switch port to the inbound speed of that link.
The outbound speed however is much lower…

I have a generic alert rule that matches whenever the outbound traffic is over 80% of the interface speed… but this would not match in that case.

Is there a way to define inbound and outbound speed of an interface?

You can define inbound and outbound Utilization or Octets rate in your alert rule Keying Alerts from Interface traffic

The ifSpeed (interface speed) is used to calculate the utilization threshold, there is no way to define service policy limits or such for speed.

Since this is DSL i think you may run into an issue with specifying below 1% utilization see here for workaround Threshold for traffic alertings

Instead of comparing against ifSpeed in the alert rule, you can just put in specific numbers. Make sure you limit to that specific port though.

Thank you for the hints on creating specific alert rules for that particular interface. I favored a solution which was more generic, that’s why I was asking. However there seems no way to differentiate inbound and outbound speeds on an asynchronous interface.

I would think this would do what you want:

Notice I have the operator set to OR at the top.

Or more relalisticly:

Sorry I’m new here.
May I ask how to do this?
I only know how to limit to specific device.

What’s the difference of those two settings?

set ports.port_id to the port id you want
The second one allows either to trigger the alert

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