Can I create a custom floormap / floorplan and plot devices on it?

Does anyone know if I can plot devices on a custom graphic, such as a floorplan? (understandably, long / lat is not the same, if at all)

Something where I can put down where a printer is located for example via X / Y coords?

Something similar to this mock up shot I’ve made.
oV1tPUN.png (1667×931) (
(I hear I can’t change the icon, depicting the device, that’s fine)

Thanks all for the hard work, it’s super appreciated.

You could possibly use the networkweathermap to do it? It wasn’t designed for it but I guess it could work.

I’ve seen people suggest something along those lines, I was hoping someone had whipped something up. I can see people looking eagerly for this many years ago.

I’d gladly just drop in a very high res bitmap into a folder say 2560x1440 or so and then plot printer at X / Y whatever, if that makes sense.

Really could be useful for how we’re using librenms.

I’m currently working on custom map functionality, and plan on having the ability to upload pictures as a background.


This is lovely, thank you for the hard work.
Would one be able to plot for example printer at X, Y or WifiAP at X, Y etc on said map?

Someone suggested it was already possible but I wasn’t sure.

Thank you for the hard work!