Cannot find module errors in discovery.php

I’ve been using LibreNMS for the last year without much issue, but I’m getting some errors when I’m trying to add an Ubuntu 20.04.3 server with Dell Open Manage installed; I’ve followed the directions from help with no issues there, but the only new info showing up is the serial number and the server model. After looking at the discover.php output I noticed “Cannot find module” errors: the two in question are MIB-Dell-10892 and StorageManagement-MIB.

If I copy these two MIBs from the /opt/librenms/mibs/dell folder to the /opt/librenms/mibs folder discover.php runs and finds the missing hardware. There was a similar issue some years back that seems to have been patched, but I’m definitely experiencing. The referenced post and my pastebin are below. I appreciate any help!

Those errors are from net-snmp.

Remove them from your snmp.conf file please.

Thanks for responding. It seems that if I remove them from my snmp.conf file the errors are gone, but I’m also not getting any data for the RAID, fans, etc. It seems like removing the line from my snmp.conf just doesn’t hides those services from LibreNMS, and I’m able to get them to work, but only by copying those two MIBs from the /opt/librenms/mibs/dell folder to the /opt/libernms/mibs folder.

After looking at the patch file from the referenced forum post, I was able to determine that if I add
“mib_dir: dell” to my linux.yaml file everything pulls in as it should. I’m not sure if this is something that needs to be added to the source or if doing so is incorrect.

This seems to set the dell directory for the snmp commands… what version of LibreNMS are you on?

wait, I found some other ones that don’t!

I’m on 21.8.0-60-g7e26331ab - Wed Sep 15 2021 11:50:44 GMT-0400. I appreciate you taking a look into this for me.

It looks like the commit finished, I was able to remove my change and pull the commit down and everything looks good. Thanks so much for the help.

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