Create alert for gps sync lost

I am new at creating alerts, I have done a lot of research and think it is time to ask for help. I want to create an alert on gps sync lost for cambium radios. I have tried to follow an ups on battery example to get it to work but with no luck.
Here is the state that I want to alert on, when up it reports a 1, when down it reports 2

Here is what i tried to do, using the ups one as a base with no luck, also I can not figure out why my sensor_current value is just a 2, when all the other ones show it as the 2 in quotes “2” like the ups one.

Thanks for any help

try with OID

%sensors.sensor_oid = “what ever is the OID”

Kevin, I am not sure exactly what OID it is grabbing, is there a really easy way to find it in libre thanks for your help, any idea why my current value is not in “2”?

Kinda need the OID for that sensor, not how sure how easy it is to find that. But try using these alert rules they will alert on those kind of sensors. Try it out they are listed in the alerts collection. image

See here → Home - LibreNMS Docs

State Sensor Critical: Will alert on any state that returns critical = 2

Unfortunately, reviewing the actually database data is the most helpful method of deciding how to create new alert rules.

thanks guys, i will do some digging and report back!

Thanks for the help guys, I was able to do some digging and found the correct OID and alert on that.

Can you share the OID and how you found it?