Getting GPS Status from Ubiquiti LTU Rocket

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This is kind of annoying. This person found a fix and didn’t post it.
The problem is that LTU-Rockets running firmware 2.1.0 have GPS problems. I don’t know if it’s a problem with 2.2.0 and newer, but this is something that has been plaguing us for a really long time.

So lets fix this.
in LibreNMS when I navigate to the hardware Under “Health” of the Ubiquiti LTU-Rocket we have some stuff. If we adjust the HIgh, High Warn, Low Warn and Low nothing happens. This is at least a value the system is detecting. We just have to figure out what it is. I was sure to remove any high, low stuff in this area just in case it effects the results.

The specific type of class is a state, and I’m looking for afLTUgpsStatus, and the description is GPS Status

If we go to Debug of this device and perform discovery, then search this string afLTUgpsStatus, we find several pieces of information.

array (
‘oid’ => ‘afLTUgpsStatus’,
‘value’ => ‘afLTUgpsStatus’,
‘num_oid’ => ‘.{{ $index }}’,
‘descr’ => ‘GPS Status’,

So we go to SNMP and click Run. Then we get some information.
. = INTEGER: 2
I’m guessing this is what I’m looking for? Lets ignore it and try the description or value first.

So now how do I set up an alert for this?
I set up a rule looking at just this one device, and set the delay to 0 and the interval to 0 and the max to 5, just to get it to trigger quickly, and its a critical severity. It’s currently enabled.

These do not work (The OR option is selected, so if any of these are valid it’d trigger the alert)
I’m using contains instead of equals, in hopes I hit something close, so I know I’m on the right path. After each one is added, I go to debug and click the alerts tab and click run.

customoids.customoid_descr contains GPS
customoids.customoid_descr contains afLTUgpsStatus
customoids.customoid_id contains .
sensors.sensor_class contains state
sensors_to_state_indexes.sensor_id .

So… no luck so far, because I don’t know what specific thing LibreNMS is looking for. I don’t think I have to create a customOID cus there is something under the Health tab that I can refer to. I just don’t know how to refer to it.

Any suggestions on this? I feel like I’m close

My coworker found out how to fix the GPS part today.The command to fix GPS: pkill -9 ustatsd

If you type cat /var/log/messages, and it says a bunch of errors about to many files to read, then you do the above command. Keep the radio’s control panel open because you will see the GPS go from 0 satellites tracked to 12 within like 2 seconds.

I might have gotten it work.
I went into the CustomOID tab and adding the OID . I clicked test and it gave me 2. That’s what I expected.

Then we set up an alert.
customoids.customoid_oid LIKE ‘%.’ AND customoids.customoid_current = 2

This triggers, because currently the GPS is working, and the value is 2.
If I change the value to 0 then the alert clears. It could be that this is working. I have to find another device that has GPS not working, but most of them were already fixed with the pkill -9 ustatsd earlier today.

If this is working 100%, then I can change the rule to not look at just this device. THe problem is that OID was custom, so I have to add it to all the other devices of this model. Once that’s done, we will get emails when any of the LTU-Rockets in the network trigger this alert.

Ok… so I can actually see that my customoid is working, but I don’t want to add a customOID to all of the devices… there must be an existing function I can use… and there is.

sensors.sensor_descr = “GPS Status” AND sensors.sensor_current = 0

So I just have to exclude hardware like LTU-LRs by adding them all to one location.

LTU Rocket and AF5XHD both are able to be fixed with pkill.

I have ~14 radios that have their GPS not working now that I’ve gotten this working. I have confirmed that the GPS isn’t working when logging into the radio as well, so it’s reporting the correct information.

This alert is now complete. I just have to figure out a way to run a script with the information now, but the alert is perfect.

This is now resolved essentially. I just have to do additional work to perform automated ssh to the radio.

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