[DASAN Zhone Solutions] Please add possibility to discover and read some parameters from GPON ONTs connected to OLT


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Could You add to LibreNMS possibility to discover and read some values from GPON ONTs.
Below quick description how it is done on DASAN Zhone GPON devices (examples with NET-SNMP):

As it is in the file - we cannot read values directly from ONT. We need to read it from OLT - which via control channel will read it from ONT - but I think in that way it is easiest to implement.
All SNMP data You can find in sle-gpon-mib.mib but there are a lot of information so could You at first implement few of them:

  • Status
  • Serial Number
  • Distance
  • Rx Power
  • Profile

At first there need to be possibility to discovery all connected ONTs and add them to the correct port.
I am not sure how will it be better to do - some suggestions:
a) add new TAB to main devices view - GPON ONTs (where we have for example Map/Inventory/Services/etc.)
b) add new TAB when we sellect GPON port for example PORT1-GPON (where we have Graphs/Real time/ARP Table/etc.)
c) somewhere else

No matter which one could be use I think better will be not to read all information from OLT (ONTs) when we click tab GPON but something like that:
Select main tab “GPON ONT” → Select correct “GPON PORT” → then there could be list of ONT with only brief information like (ONU-ID/Status/GPON SN/Distance/RX Powe/PROFILE/Description) → then after select correct ONT there will be more additional information (in future)

Below example how it could look like:

Please let me know if You need additional info.
I can also provide You remote access to one of the OLTs if You would like to test - please send me private message.