How to add a new OS

Hi All,

We work with a lot of Avaya products and Librenms only has OS definitions for the IP Office PBX and ERS network switch.
I want to add support for the Linux based IP Office (this comes in a few flavours) and possibly some other products.
what do I need to do to add a new OS that LibreNMS can auto discover?

I just need pointing in the direction of the relevant files and bits of code.


Did you try it with SNMP configuration of your Avaya products? I mean look for phone’s IP, look for community string in your phone configuration and add it as a device?

Let me know if I missed something here.


thanks for the reply @Oxidized

I might not have been clear, I can add the device and recover SNMP information from it.

However, Librenms shows it as “Generic Device”.

I want to edit my installation so that when it discovers an Avaya Linux Application Server, for example, it tags it as this.

I believe this can be done by adding a new file to includes/discovery/os/ however I think there may be a bit more to it than that.

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Great @laf, that’s what I was looking for.

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