How to run LibreNMS on Hyper-V?

I import an OVA-image to VirtualBOX, convert VMDK to VHD, create a new machine in Hyper-V based on this VHD and get a boot error:

[  193.845250]  dracut-initqueue[779]: Warning: dracut-initqueue timeout - starting timeout scripts

// this for Centos based ova->vmdk->vhd->hyper-v

How could disk-by-uuid change ?
I cloned one disk (vmdk) into another (vhd) sector by sector.

// Ubuntu based conversion have some problems too:

// but it finally booted

// not so bad

but i cant install mc becouse network not configured

Maybe i will maximally set up and tune Ubuntu in VirtualBOX where net is work, and after i will migrate to Hyper-V and all that’s left to do is set up a network.
But how ? Netplan ?

Why not set it up completely on a vanilla Linux VM. It’s pretty easy when following the install guide.

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I have the same problem with this, is there someone who can help?

Ubuntu OVA has been installed with LVM,
Centos OVA has been ibstalled with strange 3 XFS partitions.

Please, rebuild Centos installation with LVM.

Clean install Centos or Ubuntu, follow the appropriate LibreNMS install guide, it’s pretty straightforward and doesn’t take much time.

Teaches you a bit more about Linux and LibreNMS, you’ll thank yourself later.

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I’d like to set up a vmware image, but this likely involves purchasing a vmware player license.

Some time ago there was a free version of the player.

Maybe it is still available.

  • re-open the VM on VitualBox
  • run the following command:

mkinitrd -f -v --with=hid-hyperv --with=hv_utils --with=hv_vmbus --with=hv_storvsc --with=hv_netvsc /boot/initramfs-$(uname -r).img $(uname -r)


  • I advise to change the network, ntp, domain, hostname, keyboard and other configurations
  • shutdown the VirtualBox VM and locate the changed VirtualBox virtual disk
  • convert vmdk to vhd
  • open and run on Hyper-v

Check this post out. I only spin up vmware esxi images for our setups. Maintaining them is a nightmare so we are venturing into packaging RPM builds.

My thanks to @Ipina for the command tip. That has solve my problem with VirtualBox LibreNMS VM and i was able to put him to production in Hyper-V environment.

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