LibreNMS Centos Esxi Image


Does anyone have an image that will work with vsphere please?


some folks around here just convert the image themselves for ESXi. Lots of tutorials on the web on how to convert the file.

I made an OVA for another person.

Check this thread out

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Thanks guys.

Hi ACL - the link has expired sadly.

Would you be able to upload it again, please?

OK, I have converted it using vdiskmanager.

Thanks for the tips.

I can upload it later today if you still need it. It’s really great when doing a vcenter deploy for the vami/networking setup.

I just wish I could extend vami to handle updates and all that.

I just uploaded it just in case.

Dang, I just saw this thread, and the file is already gone :frowning:

I’ve been meaning to roll up another image with the latest goodies. I’ll try to re-upload another one soon.

Awesome! I have tried creating one twice, and I keep getting stuck at the same part (restarting ngix always fails). I guess I am Linux-illiterate…

Here you go. I need to find a permanent place to upload these.

let me know if you need any help.

If you want you could link this to the docs. :slight_smile:

I’ll be happy to host this, without any kind of bandwidth restrictions, at a commercial datacenter. Looks like the free period to download this file for free has expired. How could I get it from you?

That would be awesome.

I made a new image today. I broke away from my original script to get as close as the recommended deploy as possible. There are two small issues that need to be addressed after deploy. You will see them during the validation. I tried to script the fix during the build, but it just would not work. Instead i placed a file on the /root directory called You can log in as root and simply “source” and

The issue is the following need to be executed.

ALTER TABLE notifications CHANGE datetime datetime timestamp NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘1970-01-02 00:00:00’;
ALTER TABLE users CHANGE created_at created_at timestamp NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘1970-01-02 00:00:01’;

Hi there! Thank you for making the new image available. I apologize for the slow reply, but I will set up hosting for this right away.

Did you make another build after this last one that you posted? Or is this one the latest and greatest?

Hi Guys,
Is there any working ova file for this ?
I have deployed the LibreNMS from the link, but it’s not loading.

all the time I see the error below.
Can someone help here ?

Really sorry I missed the updates. I have an updated the ova once again. This is as for Sept 2018, so all the new changes should be there.

I’ve tested the image on Esxi and Vcenter 5.x and 6.5. I don’t know if it will work on other hypervisors but hopefully more people can test.


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@ACL, I can host a version of this file for free again if you’d like to upload it. PM me with your contact information and I can create a user account on a server hosted at a commercial datacenter.

Hi, does anyone still have this image?

I have been trying to create one myself from the master ova hand haven’t had much success. :frowning: