Ignored by ifDescr: Port 12 [Uplink-SW-Tras-Muro] (matched: ras)

When adding some hosts, sometimes, some interfaces are just deleted on LibreNMS.
After running Capture/Poller, an error with the the following message

(ignored by ifDescr: Port 12 [Uplink-SW-Tras-Muro] (matched: ras)

is returned, followed by

SQL[UPDATE ports set deleted=? WHERE port_id = ? [“1”,27005] 8.44ms] ,

where it just deletes the interface
If I change the description of that interface to something else, there is no error, and the interface is restored.
My questions are the following:
A) Why is LibreNMS ignoring that interface with that description?
B) What is ras in that context? Is it referring to remote access interface?
C) What are the conditions that trigger that error? I cannot find any documentation regarding that specific error, or the conditions that trigger it
D) How do I tell LibreNMS that the interface name is valid, and not to delete it?

On github (librenms/misc/config_definitions.json at master · librenms/librenms · GitHub), I just found an array type bad if ras… Why is it detecting that interface as ras and deleting it, based solely on the description of the interface?


Just found out why it’s removing the interface… The interface name cannot have any sequence of the characters ras. So, in that specific interface name


The ras was triggering the condition, and removing the interface…
Is it possible to remove the ras condition?

Best regards.