IS there a widget to generate a dashboard with several traffic graphs?

Hi, i have a dashboard with my wheathermap, so far so good, now my boss is requesting to have a page with the main nodes’ traffic, i have found only graph and external images widgets, but they only let me create one graph, i need 5 or 6 graph from diferent devices in the same page.

You can add more than one graph widget

Just to clarify, i dont mean to accumulate all devices traffic in one graph, i want each device has its own graph, i dont see an add athoter graph button or something like that, just one.
Or i have to create 7 graph widgets, one for each device port? I want all in a single page similar to what top devices do.

I think you will have to create the separate 7 graph widgets per port as you don’t want an accumulative graph.

I quite like the idea of this feature request to make things easier "Send to Dashboard" link so help to upvote it :smile:

You can also think about doing something like this Aggregating bandwith graphs from interfaces on seperate devices? - #4 by Chas where if the port descriptions start with they same keyword, it will automagically add them all to the same page. (not on the dashboard though). You can also use the port ID instead of changing descriptions to create the page Single graph, Multiple interfaces - #3 by murrant