Mass disabling polling module on several devices


First of all: All devs. and maintainers of LibreNMS, you are in my evening prayers. Great product and much better than many commercial. Great job you guys are doing!

I have a clustered setup where i am going to monitor roughly 1500 network devices (mainly switchess with 24+ ports). Currently i have just under 900 devices, getting discovered and polled. Running 4 servers:

  1. DB 4 cores and 8Gb ram
  2. Web / RRDCached / Redis 4 cores and 12 Gb Ram
  3. Pollers - each 16 cores and 16 gb Ram

I am looking at optimizing what should be discovered and polled ind regards to modules.
I have a devices that is discovered as a Cisco Catalyst Layer 3. That means Cisco CEF module is enable on the device; but discovery wise and polling-wise that module is not enabled.
I would like to disable that module; but that would mean i would have to click on each devices in the GUI and make that change there.
For example Cisco CEF is enabled by the OS “template”.
Is it possible to disable the module by changing a value in the database (after i made a backup)?

Thank you for the link.
Describes very well what is needed.

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