Multiple snmp communities per device

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would it generally be possible to implement multiple communities on a single device?

The reason is by the fact that some devices are implemented as hybrids.

I currently try to implement new device NOKIA ISAM Platform. They actually have implemented different snmp context on a single device with single IP Address. So in Fact there are multiple device OID instances on same device, distinguished only by community name.
. Alcatel/Nokia ASAM/ISAM Plattform
. IHUB Platform based on Timetra Routing Plattform

To gater all the information from the device, the only way is to poll both OIDs from the same IP Address.
How could this be implemented in a single device view?

on the other side we have sometime devices with different IP Interfaces (LAN, WAN) that may have different FQDNs but belongs to same device.

One possible way to handle that would be a splitting the device table into two, so we could store more than one IP interface, community or FQDN per device.

The question is how to do that without broke the current database. I think we need some migration way to achieve that.

Need to discus that.