Printer alerts for when toner is low

Looks like you pasted the validate.php

You need to run validate.php.

can do that by going to /opt/librenms and type in ./validate.php
after it runs copy and paste the results. got it that was my bad. i had to make a new account due to limited posts.

OK. Yeah looks like you got some issues. You need to fix them. Hopefully, @laf will chime in here and can help you further with those issues. The ones with the" [FIX]" you can fix by doing what it tells you.

Also you need to su when you run the ./validate.php or login with librenms

Yeah fix all of the errors in that output

I got them all fixed going to see if it updates overnight.

Make sure run the ./validate.php again see if you get any errors. If you don’t get any errors. you can run ./ and that should update Libre.

I’m all updated now and all errors are gone. do you guys have any idea on why all my printers say they are down? They are in fact running but I can’t seem to get librenms to say they are up and the graphs will not work for them.

run ./validate.php again and post the results. Also check to make sure your poller is polling.

Is the poller polling? Check it by going to the

Hey Kevin, it looks like the site is polling but its not polling any of the printers which are probley why the stuff for the printers are not updating. Any way to fix this ill upload a screenshot.

I’m not sure what is going on. I’m sorry :frowning: hopefully, someone else will chime in.

my 2 cents if it’s not a whole lot of printers I would try deleting them and then adding them back. Also from the CLI you can try running
./poller.php -h all

Hey kevin ill give it a go but I just want to thank you for all your help.

you are welcome, I try to do what I can to help out around here.

You need to pastebin (or the output of ./poller.php -h HOSTNAME -d -r -f -m os

Hey laf this is what i got

That shows the device is up, what’s the actual issue you are having?

The actual issue is anything that is snmp is showing up as down and libreNMS isn’t collecting the data for it. i just want the printer to show up online and the graphs to work for them and also the alerts.