Printer alerts for when toner is low

Is there a way to receive an alert when printer toner reaches a certain amount ex. send an alert at toner level 20%
if there is away how do I go about setting it up. on a side note, all my alerts are asking me to add an email recipient but I don’t see a field to add an email address unless I am missing something.

You should be able to setup Alert rule for the toner.

toner.toner_current <= 20 or whatever the number
you can also try toner.toner_capacity

You need to go to the Global Settings and General Alerts Settings Setup on how the alerts are going to be sent… Users or sys contact. here is how i got mine setup… maybe give an idea how it works.

fantastic Kevin_krumm ill be posting here more often. thanks for the help

No Prob. Happy Monitoring!

Hey kevin im having more issues haha. I’m getting Could not issue critical alert for rule ‘Devices up/down’ to transport ‘mail’ Error: Could not instantiate mail function, and my printer graphs are no longer working

How is your Email Settings setup? Are you using the Email Transport?

You need set it up The Email Transport with whatever email server you want to use…I’m using gmail…

what if its supposed to be setup to localhost since everything we are monitoring is inside our network.

the local host can’t send mail out. you will need to setup with an email server. You can set up an internal SMTP server. Otherwise, you won’t receive email alerts…
If you can’t do email alerts there are other options … like Slack etc.

we run exchange ill hook it up to that. any ideas on why the graphs aren’t working anymore?

Sounds good. I’m not sure on the graph. When did you add the device? I know it will take a little while for it to start graphing after you add a new device.

2 months ago haha it worked the first week then it stopped. we put this project on the back burner now we just got back to it.

can you post results of ./validate.php

sure i can as soon as i figure out where it is haha

run it from the CLI … should be in /opt/librenms

hey kevin it dosent allow me to post the validate.php

Use and then post the link here.