Setting Alert for Dbm Level on a Port


Any one can help on setting alert rule for Dbm level on a port, the if the Dbm level Varies Alert as to triggered


I’m not sure what you mean by this.
LibreNMS should alert when a pet is out of range.
I had to adjust some thresholds on some devices, but if LibreNMS can read out the values it should work.

Hi Sorry for the delayed response

Maybe this is a basic Question. Say i have fiber port which have a power Dbm of -2dbm, If the power increases like to -5dbm a alert as to be triggered

How to set a rule for this


Hello @Bupathy_M_V, there is a lot of options. For example I am using separatelly alert rule for each optic port which I want to monitor. This alert rule is specified for uplink port of the distribution switch. But there is also an option to specify alert rule for all dbm ports, you just need to specifiy high or low value into web ui when you click to edit of device, and there is an option to specify that values into health tab, than you just need use for example alert rule from collection:

**Sensor over limit** - Check Device Health Settings sensors.sensor_current > sensors.sensor_limit && sensors.sensor_alert = "1" && macros.device_up = "1"

You can add rule from my example for sensors.sensor_class where you specify that you want to know only about dBm values.

Hi Thanks

I have made some changes to the rule and its working thanks for the reply

I have 10 Cisco devices, I want to set the dBm threshold of the Transmitting power, the Receiver power of the SFP module 1G or 10G.
For example, I want to set the GigaEthernet port 9/1 a transmit power threshold of 1 dBm and a receive threshold of -24 dBm.
GigaEthernet 9/2 port, the transmit power threshold is 2 dBm and the receiver threshold is -25 dBm,
But I still can’t set it up.
If using sensors.sensor_desr enter each port, it is very time consuming, can be set for a series of similar gates.
Example the 8/1, 8/2, 8/3 port transmit power is similar, such as 1 dBM and the threshold receive power of ports 8/1, 8/2, and 8/3 for example -24 dBm

Is there a way to solve the problem when setting up the Alert function in LibreNMS, setting a series of different gates with the same receive power threshold and transmitting power threshold without having to enter each port in sensors.sensor_desr


I do it this way, my router is huawei.

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My router uses Cisco 7609 and Cisco ASR 9010, I don’t know what value to enter corresponding to GigaEthernet port and TenGigaEthernet port in sensors.sensor_desr.
Please help, thanks.

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You can put the description corresponding to your interface, it will work normally.

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This way looks like the setting for each physical port! If you want to set up a series of TenGiGaEthernet ports and a series of GiGaEthernet ports, how to do. Hope you help.

For example, I have 10 ports of TenGiGaEthernet and 4 ports of GigaEthernet, how do I set up in LibreNMS. Setting up each physical port is time consuming.
My device uses Cisco.