Smtp not working


I have the same issue here: I do not receive alerts through an SMTP server. The settings look good to me and I am sure my SMTP relay works because it is used daily by other of my servers. Do you need information to help solve the problem?

Thank you.
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Yes. Without info its impossible to know what happens to your configuration.

Whats your Global Settings -> Alerting -> Email Options configuration? Put a screenshot obscuring sensitive data.

Have you configured a mail transport? If yes, put also a screenshot of it.

Also, what happens when you test the transport?


Thank you for the answer. Please find attached the screenshots:

I tested the transport with the following command:
# /opt/librenms/scripts/test-alert.php -r 1 -h xxxx

Nothing happened because I think it is okay.
If you want I can send you the result with debug option.


If you click the Test transport button, what do you get? Its the yellow check in the transports list.

I did not know there was a test button. Thanks.
I clicked on the button:

And I received an e-mail in my inbox. Great.

Also, I created an alert when one of my switches is down for 1 minute.
I would like to know if there is a way to fake that alert?
Because my switches are in production and I cannot turn one off for testing.


If you dont get the mail when the alert happens, its almost for sure a template issue.

Create a new alert that will fire. For example, macros.device_down = 0 AND devices.device_id = DEVICE_ID

The device_id is to dont get the alert with ALL your UP devices :wink:

Good idea!
I have tested your alert and it works.

Thanks for the tip and your help.