Ubnt wireless processor

For some reason on 2/7/18 at about 12:10 am I started receiving about 2000 emails on out ubnt wireless shots complaining about processor being high.
When actually looking at the processor on librenms it shows 7000%. prior to last night it didn’t have any data.
When logging into the ubnt site it shows about 11% cpu usage.
This is being displayed on about 200 ubnt wireless shots. Not all the same model.


I’m guessing the scale is incorrect. :slight_smile:

If you have a chance, can you run ./scripts/collect-snmp-data.php -m processors,sensors -f ~/airos.snmprec -h HOSTNAME and send me the output file?

Here is the data, please let me know if you need anything else.|4|Linux #1 Fri Nov 17 12:38:01 EET 2017 mips|6||67|251568800|4||4||4||2|2300|2|0|2|0

Hi, i have this problem tooo,

I’ve already merged a fix. Please update.

I did ./daily.sh for manual update, Updated from 5474519 to 9777963 OK and I still have bad vales.

Do I need something to do ?

From this new sensors, only Processor not working correctly for UBNT.

|2018-02-07 01:30:33||Sensor Added: state ubntGpsFix ubntGpsFix.0 GPS Fix
|2018-02-07 01:30:33||Sensor Added: temperature airos ubntHostTemperature.0 Temperature
|2018-02-07 01:30:32||Processor Discovered: airos 0 Processor

Thank You, From what I see, it seemed to have fixed it for me.

I did noticed a few of the older devices/older firmware still do not report CPU data. I dont believe they ever have on my LibreNMS but here is the output from one of the devices.|4|Linux #1 Fri Nov 17 12:38:01 EET 2017 mips|6||67|251568800|4||4||4||2|2300|2|0|2|0

On a side note, Any way to get the GPS data to working? it says GPS Fix fix3d. Im not sure what that means. Or maybe pull from the Lat/Log settings. I like to use the maps on Librenms to show where the ourtage is. Right now i’m manually entering the lat lons into the SNMP Location in [brackets]


Older devices do not supply CPU information.

The GPS is used for radio scheduling, not location. :wink:

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Thank you. Fixed for me too.

Hi @murrant IM not sure If I should create another topic but I just realized some of our cisco gear is now reporting CPU high also.

This is the one week view

It doesn’t seem to ever hit above 95% but i could be wrong.

Thank You,
Please let me know if i should create a new post

I don’t think that is a bug, notice how it is only one or two cores that go high.

Check the snmp data and compare.

OK thank you, Ill take a look into it.