Using nagios nrpe agent with librenms - services

Hello, i’m trying to figure out if its possible to pull information on nsclient++ and nrpe agent from remote hosts using nrpe_check from nagios in librenms.
I’m failing to understand and implement this or if this is even possible.
i’ve seen this post Use NSClient++ with librenms, but its rather unclear and implicit on most of it.

Questions i have right now?
Do i need an nrpe server installed on librenms server?
How can add the check_nrpe on librenms ?

I’ve read all the documentation, it does talk abou mrpe and check_mk but nothing about the nrpe used in nagios. if somebody already implemented this can you help me on what i m missing?


To do what’s discussed in that post, you first have to setup Services in LibreNMS. Have you done this?

If not, see Nagios Plugins - LibreNMS Docs

That needs to happen first. However, I don’t think the check_nrpe binary comes with the regular monitoring-plugins/nagios-plugins-all packages.

I think the OP probably got it from:

So you would download that and put in “nagios_plugins” folder you specified in the services setup process.

Once that’s all done, you should be able to do as I mentioned.

Add each of the NRPE checks that you want to monitor as its own service using with the command switch (--command check_memory ) in the service’s parameters field.

So it’s a manual process, but since that post was written Service Templates have been added to LibreNMS so you can at least take advantage of those to apply the service checks to multiple hosts.