V1.28 May 2017 Info

This month we saw a focus on squashing bugs and closing device support requests. There were also a couple of important merges.

You can see our change log here.

Here’s a summary of what happened this month:

  • We had 84 issues closed this month mostly due to the efforts of Neil (laf) to close issues and add device support. We are currently down to 24 active issues.
  • New wireless support added, effort was put into this to make it easy to add support for additional devices. Some examples of alert rules were added to the alert rule collection.
  • There was some work put into optimizing page loading, see Profiling Graph Load Speed

Here’s our last months pulse data from GitHub:

And our github stats for the second half of the month:

Once again, a huge thank you to the 30 contributors we’ve had this month. No matter the size or complexity of the contribution, it’s always great to see people giving back.

Until next month, happy monitoring.

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Very nice!
My apologies for asking this rookie question in advance…
Is this version a stable “release” or is this in the development "master"branch? If this is not yet a stable release, how long does it usually take before it is merged into the stable branch?


By default the release is a rolling release. Every month we freeze master for a bit and create the monthly release. So you could call this the ‘stable’ release, but we try to keep both releases stable. We sometimes have breaks in the daily releases, but those are generally fixed in less than 24hrs. In month there will be another incorporating all e changes from the last month.

So, at this moment both release channels are the exact same code.

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