V1.56 September 2019 Info

1.56 is our 69th release since we started releasing monthly releases. LibreNMS is still in need of additional reviewers at this time there are over 70 pending changes, half of which need review or guidance to get merged. If you would like to help review PRs, let us know in Discord .

We thank each and every of the 35 different contributors to LibreNMS this month. Make sure you thank them for their time and effort :slight_smile:

This month saw a little less feature work and more bug fixes. Including fixing the i missing in the LibreNMS logo on some browsers :smiley:. We did have 11 devices with new or updated support.

You can find our change log here.

As usual there are some great changes cooking for next month. You can checkout the Pull Requests on GitHub and give feedback on them to help them get merged.

Some stats from our main GitHub repo:

As always, happy monitoring.