View ports customize : Basic mini?

Hello to all,
We would like to customize the port view of the network devices.
By adding a Basic (mini) view ? Where we could add the elements that interest the most (see others) like :

  • Port, Description
  • Vlans, Speed
  • Status Up, Down
    With a grouping of the ports by switch (often by 24 or 50) or a line break at each change of devices

We start to be interested in PHP : /librenms/includes/html/pages/device/
Or do we have to develop a plugin ?

Your advices are welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance to the community

Hi @lynch4fr

Both choices are possible indeed. I personnaly chose to develop a plugin that adds a “per switch” view of all ports, for use of my support team : They can view (and also configure a few settings) using the plugin. That route is faster (you can develop the plugin on your own) but might not be completely stable in time (a change in LibreNMS codebase may break the plugin compatibility at some time). I did it because LibreNMS is not supposed to change any config in devices, so no chance to merge such feature in the repository.

If you go the “” route, then your change will be reviewed, before being merged, if it makes sense for the community. The process might be longer, but will be maintained in the future.


Hi @pipoCanaja
I appreciate your suggestions and developing a plugin seems the best starting point to make a “per switch” view like you.
So I started to look at a plugin like WhereIsVlan: GitHub - dubbelj/librenms-plugin-WhereIsVLAN: A LibreNMS plugin to show what switchports that have a specific VLAN active
But it seems to me that your personal development for your support team is exactly the same needs for us :slight_smile:
Have you already shared this plugin on github ? or otherwise ?

We would be very interested to improve or adapt your work for our university.

Thank you.

I did a while ago create a “generic” structure for this plugin, that is shared here:

But this github repo cannot be upgraded anymore (no maintainer). The code is clearly not compatible, directly, with current LibreNMS code.
And my internal version of the plugin is far too specific to be shared. But you can have a look at the files and get inspiration.