Weathermap 404

Below quoted from discord:

“I just want to say that I’m very impressed with the automated mapping and I’m equally impressed with this weathermaps integration. That being said, when I click on plugins > weathermaps > *.conf I get a 404 error from the index.php However, I am able to access the maps via the editor by clicking directly on weathermaps. Am I missing any functionality here such as the pop up graphs because of the 404?”

It seems like I am.

Is anyone else having this problem with the weathermap plugin?

Here is the source documentation:

It appears adding a data source has no effect with this editor. This is what makes me wonder if these features become active via accessing plugins > weathermap > *.conf. It could just be problems with weathermap though I guess

This is obviously my first time using weathermap, lol

Turns out Weathermap isn’t outputting the html or png files. I’m still tshooting

Do you have php-pear installed?


That’s exactly what the problem was Chas, thank you

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