Weathermap - Finding Data Source for "TARGET"

Hi, I’m setting up Weathermap i have used it for years in Cacti and it’s the only thing holding me back from coming over to LibreNMS full time. So here’s my issue, in Weathermap you can take a node and set a “TARGET” and the node will then calculate bandwidth data from that and set the nodes color to the scale. In cacti you would just link the data source rrd file corresponding to the graph. I tried doing the same by linking the specific rrd file for the graph i want located in /opt/librenms/rrd/thesite/therrdfile and it’s not generating data so my question is where exactly is the calculated data generated from so I can link to the source?

Are you using this or just a standalone install?

Yes I’m I am using the github Libre integration for this one. For the record the graph is working fine in Libre it’s just I dont’ know the data source to link it to my graph.

I just need to know where I can pull the in / out bandwidth data from a port for the last 5 minutes. In cacti I linked to rra data off of a rrd file for that interface, I need to do the same thing but I can’t find any rra repos whatsoever in the file trees but I can see that there re rrd_rra files in the config however I don’t know where they are stored.

Would the API work for your needs?