Web doesnt work after update

Check to see what the librenms.log file says now, and re-run validate.php to check all tests are still ok.

if you still see permission errors in librenms.log, you might need to double check your webserver user ps aux | egrep ‘(apache|httpd|nginx)’

and make sure that /opt/librenms/storage/framework/cache/data folder is recursively owned by that user.

Nope, no luck.

Tried it in incognito mode on:

openSuSE leap (15.0)

  • FF 60.2.0esr (64-Bit)
  • Chromium 69.0.3497.81 (openSUSE Build) (64-Bit)

os X 10.13.6

  • Chrome 69.0.3497.92

All failed.

or - if you have selinux enabled, I would re- configure the contexts needed by LibreNMS Cannot access WebUI

or try with selinux turned off, check with sestatus

I think your other post with fping6 might be related to this.

'been there, done that, no use.

librenms.log still says

2018-09-12 12:28:57] production.ERROR: ErrorException: file_put_contents(/opt/librenms/storage/framework/views/150fa18cabc0b9c27bb552ef57facdf4ccd4525f.php): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /opt/librenms/vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Filesystem/Filesystem.php:122
Stack trace:
#0 [internal function]: Illuminate\Foundation\Bootstrap\HandleExceptions->handleError(2, ‘file_put_conten…’, ‘/opt/librenms/v…’, 122, Array)
#1 /opt/librenms/vendor/lara (…)

but I’m not deep enough into Laravelle to be able to follow that (actually, I’m not in there at all).


Component Version
LibreNMS 1.43-50-ge8cf6bb38
DB Schema 267
PHP 7.0.31
MySQL 10.0.35-MariaDB
RRDTool 1.4.7

[OK] Composer Version: 1.7.2
[OK] Dependencies up-to-date.
[OK] Database connection successful
[OK] Database schema correct
[FAIL] fping6 could not be executed. fping6 must have CAP_NET_RAW capability (getcap) or suid. Selinux exlusions may be required.
(bash: /usr/sbin/fping6: Keine Berechtigung)
[FAIL] fping6 should be suid!
[FIX] chmod u+s /usr/sbin/fping6
[FAIL] We have found some files that are owned by a different user than librenms, this will stop you updating automatically and / or rrd files being updated causing graphs to fail.
[FIX] chown -R librenms:librenms /opt/librenms

(… don’t mind the fping6 [FAIL], I already posted something about that issue in Possible Bug in validate.php )

Actually, if the stuff, that the three of us are trying right now, is the right spot, then the [FIX]-suggestion in the last line of the validate.php-output could be the origin of the problem. 'Cause after that recursive chown-command, my webinterface didn’t work anymore.

I don’t think so. The fping6 - problem existed from the first time on I ran validate.php and tried to fix that specific problem. That was sometime back in august and I just didn’t post it so far.

you could try run php artisan cache:clear apparently you need to run this after changing permissions on the laravel cache/data directory. I saw @jozefrebjak ran this earlier on his fix

No luck on php artisan chache:clear.

If you are getting a Whoops you may be having file permissions issues. Try:

chown -R librenms:librenms /opt/librenms
setfacl -d -m g::rwx /opt/librenms/rrd /opt/librenms/logs /opt/librenms/bootstrap/cache/ /opt/librenms/storage/
setfacl -R -m g::rwx /opt/librenms/rrd /opt/librenms/logs /opt/librenms/bootstrap/cache/ /opt/librenms/storage/

:laughing: As we say in Germany: “Two id…s, one thought.” I just stumbled upon the permission acl changes during install. Voilà, works like a charm.

But because we tried the chown -R libren... before, I’ve got to mention, that the chmod -R g+w ...-line you wrote is the essential one.

On my system I tried a

setfacl -R -m g::rwx /opt/librenms/rrd /opt/librenms/logs /opt/librenms/bootstrap/cache/ /opt/librenms/storage/

just like in the Ubuntu install instructions, which did the same.